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Super Bowl Menu…

Updated with pic: Not shown is Mr. BFF’s Cream Cheese Brownie Cake for dessert. 🙂 Well, I don’t have a team in the Super Bowl this year, but I’m rooting for the 49ers. I think Baltimore is a team of … Continue reading

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Here Comes Christmas…

Well, our tree is up. This picture is from last year, but I haven’t taken pics of this year’s tree, mostly because the living room is still a mess and there are other things to be done… My parents will … Continue reading

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I Need Some New Photos…

Since I don’t have any new ones to post right now. Things are in a bit of disarray at the moment… So, what’s been going on? Pup was here over Labor Day weekend, just needing some chill time.  We made … Continue reading

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DIYS – Next Projects: Phase Two

Do It Yourself Somewhat… There are certain things we don’t do ourselves, such as those dealing with lots of water and electricity. So, we get help. And now it’s time for some more upgrades/improvements/personalization around this house that we’ve been … Continue reading

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Freezing Blueberries…

Our local garden center and farm market had blueberries ready two weekends ago, so we got a 5-lb. box and prepared them for the freezer. This year, I froze them first in single layers on some cookie sheets. When it … Continue reading

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T minus 6.85…

Less than double digits before we leave for our upcoming vacation. Next Saturday, we fly out to Connecticut to spend some time with my family. Then, on Wednesday afternoon we head over to Providence, Rhode Island for the Netroots Nation … Continue reading

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Easter Bouquet, with Lurking Pumpkin…

This was a pleasant surprise… Mr. BFF brought home some flowers for our Easter dinner two weeks ago. The flowers were still going strong when I took these pictures last weekend. Pumpkin the cat has a green leafy radar in … Continue reading

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