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Foggy Thoughts…

So many random thoughts… My cold started last Wednesday, and though I’m feeling better now, I still sound like shit and my mind is foggy after days at work. Mr. BFF caught it four days after I did, and he’s … Continue reading

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DIYS – Next Projects: Phase Two

Do It Yourself Somewhat… There are certain things we don’t do ourselves, such as those dealing with lots of water and electricity. So, we get help. And now it’s time for some more upgrades/improvements/personalization around this house that we’ve been … Continue reading

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Upside-Down Shower Door…

Well, Mr. BFF tackled the re-chaulking of our bathroom shower stall project the other week. We had also gotten some stripping to replace the hardened and glunky one that was currently at the base of the shower door. As it … Continue reading

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It’s Gonna Be a Casual Cooking Sunday…

Finally… We’ve been talking about taking a day over the weekend to just make a bunch of food for the upcoming week. Tomorrow, we’ve actually got the day planned out for that. 🙂 I’ve been slacking on menus, and even … Continue reading

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Purple Picture…

So here’s the purple flower picture that hangs in our bathroom, as described in this post

I think it goes very nicely with the whole purple scheme of things…

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Original Bathroom Color…

This is pretty gosh darn close to the original color of our main bathroom when we first bought this house:

One of our first actions was to purchase a shower curtain… specifically trying to tone down the color of the walls. The shower curtain was clear with three different colored polka dots on it:

However, when Pup was over to see the house for the first time, her comment was something to the effect of you could smear Crest toothpaste all over the walls and you’d never know it. Wisenheimer, yes. But, she was correct…

And with that one comment, Mr. J. decided that painting the bathroom would be our first project. Pup helped us with our new color selection. Mr. J. took a couple of days off of work and did all the priming and painting. We shopped for a few accessories, found the perfect picture to hang in there (which we already had – bonus), and voila:

We’ll replace the shower curtain with a nice fabric one, eventually, but this one still works very nicely. Plus, we might as well get some use out of it. 😉 Continue reading

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